Connecting the right people to the right opportunities

Al Yam International was established with the vision of providing an easy access portal for businesses and business professionals, as well as business enthusiasts and investors, to facilitate their growth and expansion, sales increase or even establishment of new entities and partnerships.Not only that, Al Yam International aims at connecting its subscribers with the best service providers across the globe to help them execute any task, wherever in the world and with absolute assurance of quality and delivery. Al Yam International derives its name from the word ” yam”, which means “sea” in Arabic. The name spawned from the founders’ love for the sea, as well as the vast variety of services and limitless possibilities that Al Yam International provides.

Our Mission

The slogan we adopt and live by at Al Yam International is ‘connecting the right people to the right opportunities and catering world class business services’. To stay true to our slogan, we have made it our mission to constantly expand our network through forming fruitful relationships with the most prestigious and reputable entities and organizations from around the world, and through our commitment to the highest business ethics which have made our reputation.We are dedicated to our promise and we draw our energy and incentive from the success stories and enduring relationships of our clients and members. Our objective is always unlocking the true potential of our clients and helping them achieve full success and sustainable results.

Our Affiliates

LIDERS OF WORLD COMMUNITY: A non-profit organization in Moscow, Russia. Responsible for promoting economic and social development in the Eurasian region  and mandated to formulate and promote development assistance activities and projects commensurate with the needs and priorities of the region and acts as an executing agency for relevant operational projects.

Strategic Partners

The Founders

Al Yam International was founded by two of the most prominent business women in the Middle East and the world: Mrs. Yasmina Azhari and Dr. Aisha Al Sayar.

Yasmina Al Azhari

Selected by Forbes as one of the 50 most powerful businesswomen in the Arab world for two years (2006 and 2008) and one of 32 most influential businesswomen in family businesses in the Arab world, Yasmina Al Azhari has definitely made her mark in the business world.

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Dr. Aisha Al Sayar

Dr. Aisha Al Sayar is the first Emirati woman to earn a university degree. Dr. Aysha is a true pioneer of education and human development in the United Arab Emirates.

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